Friday, May 18, 2012

Aristotle's Teleology

Lecture 3 Aristotle's Teleology

Monday, May 7, 2012

A-08 Making Thinking Visible in History Education: May 4, 2012 – Middle School Subject Council, Fredericton - Cynthia Wallace-Casey (UNB)

by Cynthia Wallace-Casey,
PhD Candidate
University of New Brunswick (Fredericton)

Agenda for the day 
Introduction – What is making thinking visible?
What is Thinking?
What is Understanding?
The Big Picture (Historic Space Mapping)
What is Historical thinking?
The Little Picture (Heritage Fair projects)
Historical inquiry – working with sources
Memory cases
                St Croix – 1604
                School Culture – 1900
                Governance – J Leonard O’Brien – 1960
                WWI – 1918
                York Street, Fredericton - 1882
Wrap-up – Tying it back to the history map
How did you organize your data? What stories are told?