Friday, December 18, 2009

NB Heritage Fairs – Empowering Students to Re-Think History

(District 14 - Curriculum Delivery Workshop - January 4, 2010)

“We don't see things as they are; we see them as we are.”
(Anaïs Nin, 1903-1977)
Objective: To familiarize students with links between 6 concepts of Benchmarks of Historical Thinking, community-based research, and project-based learning as reflected through Heritage Fairs;

To understand the dynamics of personal, collective and historical memory in action.

Target Audience: Grade 9 (Canadian Identity)

Subject Focus: Canada and New Brunswick in the 1960’s

1. Conceptual Framework:
  • Starting points for “History” (2004)
  • Personal Memory/Collective Memory/Historical Memory
  • Thinking like a Historian (Benchmarks of Historical Thinking)
  • Heritage Fairs in New Brunswick
2. Historical Memory: Historiography – the fundamentals of history research
  • “Re-writing the book” activity (source: Exemplars in Historical Thinking) - "Analyzing the Account"
3. Collective Memory: Community-based Project Learning:
  • Canada in the 1960’s
  • Begin with the textbook
  • Develop a research question
  • Analyze the evidence:
  • Analyzing the secondary sources - "Analyzing the Account"
  • Analyzing the documents - "Analyzing Additional Documents"
  • Analyzing the images - "Interpreting Images"
  • Analyzing the artifacts - "Analyzing Traces"
  • Analyzing the discourses - "Analyzing Propaganda"
  • Using the concepts of Historical Thinking to reach a conclusion - "Historical Inquiry Checklist"
  • Community heritage resource brainstorming
4. Personal Memory - Identity: Creating a Heritage Fair Project Storyboard - "PBL Designing Your Project"
  • New Brunswick in the 1960’s
  • Visualizing historical thinking - "Heritage Fair Project Storyboard"
  • Conducting oral interviews
  • Reaching conclusions @ moral judgment (teachings) and significance to the present
5. On-line Resources:

Teaching Historical Thinking:Benchmarks of Historical Thinking
Online Teaching Resources for Social Studies in Alberta
History Matters
Nine Habits for Success in Teaching History

Heritage Fairs in New Brunswick:NB Heritage Fairs
NB Heritage Week

Warm-up Activities:Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History
The Virtual Historian

Primary and Secondary Resources:CBC Archives Les Archives de Radio-Canada
Library and Archives Canada Learning Centre
McCord Museum - Keys to History
Virtual Museum of Canada
Provincial Archives of New Brunswick
Centre d'études acadiennes

Handouts:• Presentation Overview
• Heritage Week 2010 planning kit
• Heritage Fairs funding application
• Events in New Brunswick – 1960’s (This Week in NB History)
• Self-directed Project Learning Rubric
• Exemplars in Historical Thinking blacklines
• Writing about an Artifact activity
• NB Heritage Education resource list
• Project-based storyboard outline (with Benchmark concepts)

Additional material:• Variety of discontinued textbooks
• Collective Memory suitcase (classroom artifact collection)
• 1960’s Newspaper Activity
• Posters etc.
6. Bibliography:

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