Monday, December 26, 2011

Holocaust Survivor Defends Auschwitz Dance

David Williams, Sky News Online (July 16, 2010):

A Holocaust survivor who was filmed dancing with his family outside the Auschwitz death camp has defended his participation in the video.

The footage, posted online, shows the group jiving to disco hit I Will Survive at various locations connected to the Holocaust, as part of an art project.

Some Jewish community leaders have been outraged by the video, which they say is inappropriate and offensive.

But it has also been praised as an exuberant celebration of his life.

Survivor Adolek Kohn, 89, defended his role in the clip.

"Why did I do that? First of all because I came with my grandchildren," he said in an interview from his home in Melbourne, Australia.

"Who could come with their grandchildren? ... Most of them are dead.

"We came to Auschwitz with the grandchildren and created a new generation, that's why we danced."

<a href=';vid=317ecb7c-2294-4068-a128-e139cb96e073&amp;from=&amp;src=v5:embed::' target='_new' title='Holocaust Survivor Dances At Auschwitz'>Video: Holocaust Survivor Dances At Auschwitz</a>

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